Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research


This page on the National Dementia Strategy Information Portal gives a synopsis of the aims and composition of the new Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research (MAGDR).  MAGDR was established following the 2009 Summit on Dementia Research and its role(s) are summarised below (quote): 

“MAGDR will maintain the momentum gathered at the Summit towards improvement of the volume, quality and impact of dementia research.

The Group will help scientists access research funding, and will develop a strategy to increase public support for dementia research. It will also provide advice on government dementia policy, and on wider national and international initiatives.

MAGDR comprises the main organisations with a stake in dementia research, including the government (DH/NIHR and Research Councils), charities and the pharmaceutical sector, as well as a former carer of someone living with dementia.

Their work will cover the full range of relevant scientific activity, from basic biomedical, through applied clinical, to heath and care services research, covering work on cause, prevention, cure and care.

The Group will be task-focused and time-limited, and its key workstreams will be progressed by a series of sub-groups, reporting back to the main Group.”

Read more: National Dementia Strategy Information Portal.

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