Association of Dementia Studies, Worcester University (Dementia Action Alliance)


The Association of Dementia Studies (ADS) is based at the University of Worcester and comprises a multi-professional group of educationalists, researchers and practitioners who are experts in person-centred dementia care and support. It is one of the bodies participating in the Dementia Action Alliance.

Brief quotation:

“ADS was established in 2009 under the leadership of Professor Dawn Brooker. By 2014 we will contribute significantly to the knowledge and skills base in relation to people living with dementia and their families with regards to primary care, early diagnosis interventions, experiences of black and minority ethnic populations, personalization, family care, intergenerational issues, eradicating abuse and neglect, ways of working with people with limited verbal communication, tele-care, creative activity interventions, life-story work, person-centred communication, commissioning and quality assurance, housing with care, care at home, acute hospitals, care homes, end of life care, advance directives and work-force competencies.”

The Association of Dementia Studies (ADS) is committed to the achieving the outcomes in the National Dementia Declaration by means of:

  1. Making a difference to the experience of people living with dementia by working pro-actively to build bridges between the experience of those living with dementia, those developing care practice and those undertaking research. The aim is to ensure real knowledge transfer and translation between these different world-views.
  2. Working actively to include inputs and insights from people living with dementia and their carers.
  3. Identification of centres of excellence in person-centred dementia care in primary care, early intervention, care at home, day services, intermediate care, personalisation, acute hospital care, housing with care, care homes and palliative care.
  4. Research and development in the delivery of person-centered dementia care through funded research grants and PhD studentships.
  5. Commissioned research and evaluation of new service models, innovative interventions and commissioning.
  6. Providing specialist accredited dementia education and training opportunities for those involved in delivering care along the care pathway including early interventions, primary care, care at home, acute hospital care, intermediate care, care homes, specialist housing and end of life care.
  7. Delivering professionally accredited leadership development programs for those directing, managing and commissioning dementia care services.
  8. Providing evidence-based consultancy to improve practice directly for providers of health, social care and housing.
  9. Contributing to the skills development of those working in training and education in dementia care.
  10. Contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in person-centred dementia care through journal publications, books, media appearances and conference presentations.
  11. Multi-disciplinary seminars, conferences, workshops and networking events.
  12. Supporting the work of Dementia UK in the West Midlands.

Read more: Dementia Action Alliance: The Association of Dementia Studies.

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