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The Association for Dementia Studies (ADS) at the University of Worcester is founded on a partnership between the University, Worcestershire NHS Primary Care Trust, Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and the national charity Dementia UK. Quote:

“These parties decided to invest in ADS in recognition that having a university department dedicated to dementia will give Worcestershire and the West Midlands a head start in achieving its objectives under the National Dementia Strategy. All parties, however, recognize that the vision for the work of ADS is wider than this. The vision is that ADS will become a national and international centre of excellence in training, education and research in dementia studies. The provision of key products to assist in the delivery of the National Dementia Strategy will be a priority. These will include;

• Research and development in the delivery of person centred dementia care throughout all the objectives of the National Dementia Strategy.

• Research and evaluation of new service models and commissioning.

• PhD studentships and scholarship.

• Improving public awareness of dementia.

• Training and education for those involved in direct care.

• Professional and leadership development programmes for those directing care.

• Evidence based consultancy to improve practice directly for providers of health, social care and housing.”

Read more: University of Worcester: Association for Dementia Studies.

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