Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (Dementia Action Alliance)


The professional body for chartered physiotherapists the CSP comprises a membership of 49,000 clinicians who have an expert understanding of people with dementia. They are able to work with these clients and contribute to pathways of care for persons with dementia, their families and carers. Brief quotation:

“Under the umbrella of CSP a number of clinical interest groups are responsible for sharing good practice, providing a network for discussion, collecting and promoting the evidence and influencing nationally and locally for policy that enables improved service delivery and patient care. Two groups in particular, Chartered Physiotherapists Working in Mental Health (CPMH) and Chartered Physiotherapists Working with Older People (AGILE), hold a body of knowledge regarding dementia and undertake the above roles. These groups promote best practice regarding the most effective physical and cognitive approaches to dementia care both within the profession and within the health and social care environment”.

The CSP together with CPMH have developed comprehensive Mental Health frameworks covering England, Scotland and Wales, which identify how developing the physiotherapy input into care pathways can support the delivery of integrated care.

Challenges to be faced in the next few years include:

  • In cooperation with the College of Occupational Therapists, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy intends to produce a resource for carers of people with dementia, to support them to identify strategies to manage seating, postural support and the physical management of their family member or client safely and effectively.
  • In partnership with CPMH the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy intends to develop an information resource for referrers and commissioners that will identify why the provision of specialist services for people with dementia is vital. Pain management, the absence of which is frequently misdiagnosed as challenging behaviour, is a priority.
  • The Society intends to promote to physiotherapists, carers and other professionals the wide range of good practice in the field of physiotherapy and dementia care.
  • Resources will be developed to educate physiotherapists working in generic services about specialist needs and approaches to the management of dementia
  • Resources will be developed to educate carers and health and social care workers in the areas of:
  1. Falls prevention.
  2. Pain relief.
  3. Nutrition.
  4. Mobility.
  5. Post hospital discharge.

Read more: Dementia Action Alliance, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

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