Living with Dementia (NHS Choices)


This NHS Choices web page gives the layman an easy to understand set of guidelines which may be of help in assisting someone with dementia to continue living a reasonably satisfying and dignified lifestyle. Useful links to further patient information are supplied.

This broad-ranging subject includes topics such as:

  • Staying independent with support from family and friends.
  • Living at home, relying on help with daily activities such as housework and shopping, home adaptations etc.
  • Keeping active, enjoying hobbies and interests. Maintaining an interest in life.
  • Social life: keeping in contact with other people.
  • Driving and dementia.
  • Sleeping well.
  • Coping with painful illnesses such as arthritis.
  • Dementia and employment.
  • Dementia Support Groups.
  • Organising financial and legal affairs.
  • Care at home.
  • Support for carers.
  • Palliative Care. 

A sample quotation is given below:

“Practical tips:

• Keep a diary and write down things you want to remember.

• Pin a weekly timetable to the wall.

• Put your keys in an obvious place such as a large bowl in the hall.

• Have a daily newspaper delivered to remind you of the date and day.

• Put labels on cupboards or drawers.

• Place helpful telephone numbers by the phone.

• Write reminders to yourself, e.g. put a note on the front door to take your keys.

• Programme people’s names and numbers into your phone.

• Install safety devices, such as gas detectors and smoke alarms”.

Read more: Living with Dementia (NHS Choices).

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