ALADDIN: A technology pLatform for the Assisted living of Dementia elDerly INdividuals and their carers


Around 40% of people with dementia live in special care settings, while the majority (60%) live in the community. Care settings are expensive. The stress of caring for someone with dementia can place a huge burden on the carers, who may themselves become ill as a result.

The aim of this project is to investigate how technology can be used to delay the point at which persons with dementia need to go into residential care and to relieve the burden of stress for carers.

An overview of this project is given below. Quotation:

“Researchers will develop an integrate platform so that people with dementia, and their carers, can be monitored remotely. The system will provide an early warning of any deterioration in symptoms and provide a means for self-management of chronic conditions.

The aim is to provide an unobtrusive monitoring system which allows for timely detection of symptoms of decline, provides adaptive care and also offers opportunities for networking and cognitive stimulation.

UK researchers received the necessary ethical approval [in November 2010]. Recruitment has begun for the study and the provisional start date for the pilot study is January 2011. Two other sites in Greece and Spain are also piloting the technology platform”.

Read more: ALADDIN – A technology pLatform for the Assisted living of Dementia elDerly INdividuals and their carers.

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