COGKNOW: Helping People with Mild Dementia Navigate Their Day


The COGKNOW DayNavigator is a holistic solution that assists persons with dementia within their own homes and outside. It gives increased independence and quality of life, while giving carers much-needed relief not having to monitor the person with dementia so much.

The project has used commercially available touch screen devices (a large screen for home use and a smaller portable device for use outside the home) which are connected to a remote server which is programmed with the profile and calendar of the people with dementia and carers who use it.

The service can easily be customised to address the individual needs of each person and their carers, for memory support, helping with daily activities, maintaining social contacts and increased safety.

The COGKNOW Day Navigator has been trialled in Belfast, Sweden and the Netherlands and researchers are evaluating the usability and efficacy of this solution on feelings of autonomy and quality of life for people with dementia.

Read more: COGKNOW: Helping People with Mild Dementia Navigate Their Day.

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