King’s Fund: Assisted Living Innovation Platform Progress Update


The Nocturnal Project (Night Optimised Care Technology for UseRs Needing Assisted Lifestyles) involves the use of assisted living technology to improve older people’s quality of life.

The latest developments to increase elderly people’s independence at home are related to the use of Smart Homes to enhance quality of life for people with dementia and help them live independently for longer. This includes research into technologies that provide night-time support.

“Nocturnal has been designed to address the needs of people in the early stages of dementia, providing therapeutic support and guidance during the hours of darkness. Nocturnal aims to provide a new service using state of the art technology, building on the partnership between the University of Ulster and Fold Housing, an experienced service provider. The Nocturnal client home set-up comprises motion, bed and door sensors, embedded intelligence to provide lighting guidance, and simulated presence mediated via a bedside assistant. The project employs user-centred methods to communicate with users – people with dementia, their carers, and telecare service staff”.

Read more: King’s Fund: Assisted Living Innovation Platform Progress Update.

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