Ambulance Service Network Dementia Care (Free Workshop: February 10th 2011)


The Ambulance Service Network (ASN) is hosting a free workshop on February 11th 2011 which will explain the benefits of partnership working between health and social care organisations to improve care for patients with dementia.

Professor Alistair Burns, the Department of Health National Clinical Director for Dementia, will be a key speaker at this event.

Great Western Ambulance Service Trust will explain its newly developed strategy to improve pre-hospital and urgent care for people with dementia. This strategy includes improved awareness of dementia among its ambulance staff and collaborative working to deliver appropriate care referrals.

A key aim of this approach is to achieve better sharing of information on arrival at hospital, with a higher probability that an appropriate care package will be developed for the patient. There should also be fewer unnecessary admissions for patients with dementia to hospitals.

Another aim is the identification of patients who require dementia-appropriate community services and the initiation of liaison with / links to these services. Milton Keynes Community Health Services will send a delegate who will clarify how collaborative working between the ambulance service and health and social care organisations operates in practice.

Andrew Chidgey, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Alzheimer’s Society will discuss the National Dementia Declaration, including a commitment from signatory organisations to work in partnership to share knowledge about best practice in dementia.

This London-based event will be free to NHS Confederation members who are responsible for health and social care for people with dementia, including:

  • Commissioning leads for dementia.
  • Commissioning leads for older people.
  • Regional advisors for older people.
  • PCT community service providers.
  • Clinical leads.
  • Mental Health Leads.
  • Care managers.
  • Policy Leads.

Read more: Ambulance Service Network Dementia Care Workshop.

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