Workshop on Dementia Research and Funding Opportunities (NIHR)


The Ministerial Advisory Group for Dementia Research (MAGDR) is looking into ways to increase the volume and impact of dementia research. 

Prior to publication of the final report from the Ministerial Advisory Group for Dementia Research (MAGDR), a Researcher Briefing is to be held at Central Hall Westminster, London on Friday 14 January 2011. This event will provide an opportunity for researchers to:

  1. Learn about, and influence, the work of the MAGDR and its subgroups.
  2. Learn about the research programmes of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to help prepare for future research funding opportunities.

The Chairs from all five MAGDR sub-groups are to give presentations to the research community about the role of the MAGDR, progress to date, and to gain an opportunity for MAGDR to receive input from the wider research community.

Researchers can learn about existing sources of funding to help them prepare for future funding opportunities. Representatives from NIHR programmes will advise on the funding routes available.

The workshop is open to all those in any discipline working, or interested in working, in research relating to dementia (i.e. whether in care, cure, cause or prevention). There will be morning and afternoon sessions.

Read more: NIHR Workshop on Dementia Research.

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