Carer Support Web Page: Wolverhampton City Council


The Carer Support web pages, found on the Wolverhampton City Council website, provide support for carers across the city.

A carer is anyone who provides a great deal of care for a relative, friend or neighbour on a regular basis without payment. There are an estimated 26,000 unpaid carers in Wolverhampton providing support and help for a friend, relative or neighbour.

A carer can ask for his/her needs to be assessed, in addition to those of the person for whom care is given. An assessment of a carer’s own needs allows the individual to find out information and ask for help to make it easier to continue to look after the person in need of care.

Many people don’t get the support they need because they don’t recognise themselves as carers. Common difficulties include the ongoing pressure of caring, physical exhaustion, financial hardship and/or emotional stress. Carers may feel alone and overwhelmed. Finding other carers to talk to can help you come to terms with your feelings and provide much needed support.

This web page is a good place to consult for information about the different services designed to support carers in Wolverhampton. Services include (quoted January 30th 2011):

  1. A carer’s assessment to identify your needs.
  2. A personal budget which could be used for respite.
  3. The Emergency Card, in case carers find themselves in a crisis situation.
  4. Local support groups for carers to share their experiences.
  5. Local task groups to help Wolverhampton City Council to plan services.
  6. Advice on the benefits available to carers.
  7. Wolverhampton City Council’s  City Carer newsletter.
  8. Local special events aimed at carers, such as information days.
  9. Details of other support organisations.
  10. Information about Wolverhampton City Council’s Carer Strategy.

Read more: Wolverhampton City Council: Carer support.

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