Prevalence: 25% People with Parkinson’s Disease Without Dementia Have Mild Cognitive Impairment

[This abstract first appeared in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter RWHT Volume 1 Issue 7 February 2011].


This international study investigated the frequency of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) without dementia. Although different tests of cognitive assessment were sometimes used it was possible to group these into three cognitive domains: attention/executive function, memory or visuospatial function. Participants were also assessed for depression.

Out of the 1346 people included in the analysis 347 (25.8%, 95% CI 23.5% to 28.2%) were classified as having MCI. Memory impairment was experienced by 13.3% of participants, visuospatial impairment affected 11.0%, and impairments in attention/executive function affected 10.1% of participants.

People with MCI tended to be older, have an older age of onset of PD, have a longer disease duration, have worse motor function, have greater disease severity and be more likely to use dopamine agonists. People with MCI were more likely to have depression.

Future studies of people with PD and MCI are needed to establish risk factors for cognitive decline and assess interventions at the pre-dementia stage.

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McKinlay, A. (2011). A quarter of people with Parkinson’s disease without dementia have mild cognitive impairment. Evidence Based Mental Health, 2011, February 2011, Vol.14(1), p.5.

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Aarsland, D. Bronnick, K. [and] Williams-Gray, C. [et al] (2010). Mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson disease: a multicenter pooled analysis. Neurology, 2010, Vol.75, pp.1062–9.

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