RCN Dementia Project: Dementia Care in Acute Settings (RCN)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 1 Issue 12, July 2011].


The RCN has formed project group which is dedicated to improving dementia care in acute settings.

The RCN has received funding from the Department of Health to support the RCN Dementia Project. This project will be looking into ways to improve dementia care in general hospitals. A group of members, stakeholders and other interested parties has been formed to look into the issues. Health care assistants (HCAs) are represented on the group because they are recognised to have an essential role in the care of people with dementia.

The project group intends to begin with the following preparatory actions:

  1. Collecting examples of recognised best practice.
  2. Working with other relevant organisations to develop action plans.
  3. Gathering feedback from people with dementia and their carers.
  4. Developing guidance and resources to support improvements in care for people with dementia and their families, as well as highlighting the significant contribution that nurses and HCAs can make.

The RCN has conducted a survey of its members about dementia care.

Read more: RCN Project Group to Improve Dementia Care in Acute Settings.

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