Windows of Opportunity: Prevention and Early Intervention in Dementia (SCIE Dementia Gateway)

[A version of this abstract appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 1 Issue 9, April 2011].


The Windows of Opportunity for Prevention and Early Intervention in Dementia Toolkit is the crowning output from the National Dementia Strategy Objective N0.6 (Improved community personal support) Programme. It is now available on the SCIE website.

The “Windows of opportunity: prevention and early intervention in dementia” online resource is a tool for commissioners and service providers.

  • Note: Early intervention can be thought of as anticipatory information and support delivered at the earliest stage of dementia, following diagnosis.
  • Note: Prevention includes the range of interventions aimed at preventing an increase in those need(s) which might otherwise push an individual into a higher or more intensive level of service.

This SCIE resource explains these concepts further and offers a greater understanding of the “journey” through dementia. There are sections on the following steps along the journey (quotation):


Early intervention and prevention in the delivery of community personal support. Click here.

The Journey

A person’s journey with dementia and the windows of opportunity for interventions along the way. Click here.

Transition Points

The potential transition points along a person’s journey with dementia. Click here.

Personal Resources

How resilience may be improved by harnessing personal resources. Click here.


A collection of interventions for people with dementia and their carers (grouped into five main areas). Click here.

Local Assets

Offering users the opportunity to “map” the local assets in their areas. Click here.

Read more: Windows of opportunities: prevention and early intervention in dementia (SCIE Website).


Windows of opportunity for prevention and early intervention in dementia toolkit. SCIE Website, March 23rd 2011.

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