New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton Unveils Dementia Ward (World Construction Network)


The World Construction Network (WCN)  trade paper / website, serving the global construction industry, last month published a brief feature article about the 20-bed Physical Illness and Dementia Ward at Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust (RWHT).

This brief news item mentions how the ward incorporates professional design techniques following a “dementia-friendly” brief; featuring a special paint scheme, lighting, signage and colour coordinated tables and chairs. The paint scheme ensures patients are unlikely to wander through inappropriate doors. Lighting is used to create different atmospheres. Almost every detail on the ward has received a lot of consideration, the article says.

The 18-month New Cross Hospital Dementia Project is conducted in partnership with the Strategic Health Authority. Click here to read more from an Express & Star article published at around the same date.

Click here for further details about the “Enhancing the Healing Environment” (EHE) programme.

This news article is keen to remind people in the construction industry that Wolverhampton City Council is planning to create a £30 million ($48.7 million) dementia care centre next to Waitrose.

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New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton unveils new ward. World Construction Network (WCN), March 22nd 2011.

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