Dementia Pathway Coordinator Role in the West Midlands (Proposals, 2010)

[A brief reference to this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 1 Issue 10, May 2011].


This report, commissioned by the Workforce Deanery of the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, and conducted in collaboration with the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, clarifies the role of Dementia Pathway Coordinator (DPC) in the West Midlands.

The role of Dementia Pathway Coordinator (DPC) was earlier identified by NHS West Midlands and outlined in the Dementia Clinical Pathway Group Report, West Midlands SHA (Saad et al, 2008). In the Pathway Group’s report, a model called “Features of a good care pathway” was developed identifying the points at which the DPC would operate after the person had received their diagnosis of dementia and had been in contact with Primary Care Liaison Workers.

The role of the Dementia Pathway Coordinator (DPC) includes:

  1. Care co-ordination and case management (brokerage and provision).
  2. Physical examination and history taking, diagnosis and treatment planning.
  3. Managing cognitive impairment.
  4. Using population and individual information to support decision-making.
  5. Independent and supplementary prescribing and medicines management.
  6. Interagency and partnership working.
  7. Management of long-term conditions (particularly the interplay between multiple diseases).
  8. Working in the home and community settings.
  9. Supporting self managed care.
  10. Managing care at the end of life.
  11. Prevention and health promotion.
  12. Advanced level professional practice, including self-directed learning, managing risk.
  13. Autonomous practice, higher level communications skills.

This report also develops a competencies development list suitable for the role, along with an illustrative job description and person specification.

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Tsaroucha, A. Benbow, SM. Merchant, R. Kingston, P. (2010). Workforce development for dementia: development of the role, associated competence development and proposed training required for the new “Dementia Pathway Coordinator” in the West Midlands to support those with Dementia and their intimate carer(s). Keele: Centre for Ageing and Mental Health (Staffordshire University), June 30th 2010.

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