Eye Firm, Optos, Developing Test for Alzheimer’s Disease

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 1 Issue 11, June 2011].


Fife-based retinal imaging company Optos has reported positive results in a screening test for Alzheimer’s Disease. The aim is to find a simple eye test which could be used to screen patients for the dementia.

Optos found a “highly significant” association between changes to the retina of the eye and the disease. The “optomap” screening test, developed by a team of scientists, identifies drusen i.e. tiny yellow or white spots on the retina. These spots are thought to signal changes in the nervous system which are likely to be linked to the putative causes of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Roy Davis, chief executive of Optos, commented:

“This latest study adds to a growing body of clinical data that supports our conviction that the optomap has a crucial role to play in the detection and monitoring of a number of diseases.”

Read more: BBC News: Eye firm, Optos, Develops Alzheimer Test.

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