The Future of Dementia Care: Professor Alistair Burns’ Presentation, Part 1 (NHS Local)


This NHS Local web page provides access to the first part of National Clinical Dementia Director, Professor Alistair Burns’ presentation on the future of dementia. This lecture was given to an audience at Worcester University in 2010.

The presentation is titled:

“Quality care for people with dementia: The next stage of the national dementia strategy”.

Professor Alistair Burns talks about a wide range of dementia-related issues, looking in particular into the probable impact of the new government on the dementia strategy.

Professor Sube Banerjee’s report on the misuse of anti-psychotic drugs for the treatment of dementia is also discussed.

Professor Alistair Burns is also a professor at the University of Manchester.

Read more: Future of dementia care presentation: Part 1 (NHS Local).

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