Living Well with Dementia in Wolverhampton Care Homes (Wolverhampton’s Joint Dementia Strategy: Public Consultation, Summer 2011)


A wide-ranging strategy has been developed, based on guidance from the Department of Health’s Living well with dementia : A National Dementia Strategy, consultation with regional and local experts, plus help and advice from residents with dementia and their carers.

Living Well with Dementia in Wolverhampton’s Care Homes

The underlying problem, nationally, may be summarised as follows. Dementia is a common reason why people go into a home, often prematurely. About one-third (244,000) of people living in care homes have dementia in the UK, but an estimated 40% are not in specialist dementia care beds (i.e. those having appropriate resources and with a suitably informed and trained workforce).

What is Wolverhampton proud to have achieved so far?

  1. Training has been provided in person-centered approaches to care and support, for a range of staff.
  2. Dementia Care Champions and Dementia Care Leaders have been identified, motivated and trained.
  3. Improved service specifications have been developed and contract monitoring arrangements set-up.

What are the areas for continuing improvement (kaizen) where Wolverhampton hopes to do better?

  1. Training and development programmes for care home staff will continue, in order to build on existing strengths.
  2. Re-negotiated contracts and service specifications for care homes will include quality standards.
  3. Negotiations with service providers will include the requirement to have a quality assurance framework which incorporates the best interests of people with dementia.

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Persons wishing to submit advice or comments may email either:

Alternatively, telephone your comments to Tracy Cresswell on 01902 445894 or Rose Powell on 01902 555494.

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A Joint Dementia Strategy for Wolverhampton: Consultation, 16 May 2011 – 8 August 2011. Wolverhampton: Wolverhampton City Council [and] Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust, Summer 2011.

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