Alzheimer’s in the news: a behind the headlines special report (Bazian / NHS Choices)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 2, September 2011].


Behind the Headlines” is a service run by Bazian (the company behind NHS Choices and NHS Evidence) which reviews medical topics in the news. NHS Choices has examined scores of news stories on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease since 2007, and many of these have been duly featured in Dementia: the Latest Evidence.

The “Behind the Headlines” service has consistently aimed to help readers to judge news reports for themselves, and this public education role is again prominent in the present report. Coverage of the subject is properly cautious, questioning and well-informed, while always remaining positive in tone and open to all possibilities.

This wide-ranging retrospective report, “Alzheimer’s in the news“, looks back briefly over this news coverage, identifying the main themes and re-examining some of the issues. Leading experts on the subject are asked which research and experimental treatments they predict might hit the headlines in future.

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Special report: Alzheimer’s in the news. London: NHS Choices, August 12th 2011.

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Alzheimer’s in the news: fear and fascination. A behind the headlines special report. London: Bazian (NHS Choices), August 12th 2011.

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