Three Documents on Commissioning and Integrated Care (The King’s Fund, SCIE and the Nuffield Trust)

1) Social Care and Clinical Commissioning for People with Long-Term Conditions

This document from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and The King’s Fund, provides a summary of how an integrated system of health and social care can achieve the best outcomes for people living with long-term conditions (LTCs) such as dementia, whilst making efficient use of resources. Working with adult social care can help clinical commissioning groups to cope with increasing demands on services now that the NHS is in a weaker financial position. Quotation:

“By 2015, the NHS is expected to find £20bn of efficiency savings to maintain quality and service levels and absorb demographic pressures. It is reported that 20 per cent must come from ‘deep service change’ for which commissioning groups will be responsible… This figure is partly based on the assumed benefits from clinical commissioners working collaboratively with social care”.

Service users expect “joined-up” and personalised services which offer choice and control. This document takes an example of how personalisation of services for people with dementia can offer a holistic approach for these patients and their families, which helps avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and / or inappropriate and premature placements into care homes.

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Bostock, L. [and] Humphries, R. (2011). Social care and clinical commissioning for people with long-term conditions. London: SCIE, September 2011.

2) Integrated Care: What is it? Does it work? What does it mean for the NHS?

This article, written by Chris Ham from The King’s Fund, summarises conclusions from the author’s longer publications on the subject. It explains the theoretical options for different forms of integrated care and their impact on the NHS to date. This document aims to satisfy the increasing interest in integrated care arising from the NHS Future Forum and the government’s response.

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Ham C. (2011). Integrated care summary: What is it? Does it work? What does it mean for the NHS? London: The King’s Fund, September 2011.

3) Commissioning Integrated Care in a Liberated NHS (The Nuffield Trust)

This report s the Nuffield Trust’s “take” on how commissioners can play their role in developing joined-up and efficient services.

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Ham, C. Smith, J. and Eastmure, E. (2011). Commissioning integrated care in a liberated NHS. London: Nuffield Trust, September 2011.

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