Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Families and Personalisation (Carers UK)


BAME carers have specific cultural needs and often struggle to secure tailored support from traditional services. Personalisation should offer the ideal opportunity for BAME families in this regard, in that the recipients of personal budgets may exercise choice and control over whether they use mainstream services or culturally specific services (or some tailored combination of both).

This policy briefing paper outlines what is needed to make personalisation successful for BAME families. It makes recommendations for improving policy and delivery of personalised social care services, in order to promote independence and a person centred approach for BAME carers and their families. Goals are specified for BAME families (carers), voluntary sector providers, social workers, care managers and commissioners.

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BAME Families and Personalisation. A person centred approach: making personalisation successful for Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) families and communities. London: Carers UK, November 2011.

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