Updated NHS Outcomes Framework (Department of Health)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 6, January 2012].


The NHS Outcomes Framework 2012/13 should help focus on improving patient care by making it possible to measure performance against a number of areas, such as whether a patient’s treatment was successful, whether they were looked after well by NHS staff and whether they recovered quickly after treatment.

The updated NHS Outcomes Framework reflects the developments since the December 2010 edition.  It reiterates the purpose of the original NHS Outcomes Framework and clarifies how it will work system-wide. This document outlines the outcomes and corresponding indicators which will be used to hold the NHS Commissioning Board to account for the outcomes it delivers through commissioning health services from 2012/13. A technical appendix details the indicators in the framework.

On Dementia

There were no suitable indicators to measure outcomes for older people in the previous 2011/12 framework; these have been given greater thought, to help indicate how well the NHS is playing its part in supporting people with dementia. Placeholders have now been included in the refreshed NHS Outcomes Framework 2012/13.

Note: A placeholder represents a commitment to develop an indicator for the areas of dementia and care of the elderly, with an understanding that this may take time…

On Integrated Care and Reducing Health Inequalities

There are sections on efforts to re-align the NHS, adult social care and public health outcomes to support integration of care, while the promotion of equality and reduction of health inequalities also receive due attention.

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Department of Health (2011). The NHS Outcomes Framework 2012/13. London: Department of Health (Quality and Outcomes Policy), December 7th 2011. Gateway Reference No.16886.

Full Text Link (b)


Department of Health (2010). The NHS Outcomes Framework 2011/12. London: Department of Health (Quality and Outcomes Policy), December 2010. Gateway Reference No.15264.

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