Cross-Party Consensus Required to Change Social Care (BBC News)


Cross-party talks on care for the elderly and disabled failed in 2010. These talks are due to start again this year.

An open letter to Ministers published in the Daily Telegraph from 72 organisations, including charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Carers UK and Age UK, plus academics and members of the British Medical Association and the NHS Confederation, has re-opened the debate.

The government has allocated an extra £7.2bn to the budget for social care during this parliament and announced an extra £150m this year for social care so that more people can receive care at home and thereby to relieve pressures on the NHS.

Read more: BBC News: Ministers urged to seize chance to change social care.


Triggle, N. (2012). Ministers / politicians urged to seize chance to change social care. London: BBC News, January 3rd 2012.

Full Text Link


Triggle, N. (2012). Public ‘still facing significant social care costs’. London: BBC Health News, January 3rd 2012.

2017 Update

More calls for a cross-party review to find a sustainable ways to fund social care:

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Social care funding: MPs urge ‘swift’ cross-party review. London: BBC Politics News / BBC Health News, January 6th 2017.

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