Protecting People with Dementia from Financial Abuse (Alzheimer’s Society)


[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 6, January 2012].


This Alzheimer’s Society report reveals that 15% of people living with dementia – an estimated 112,500 people – have been subject to financial abuse. The report calls for better protection.

62% of carers reported cases of the persons for whom they care being approached by cold callers or doorstep sellers. 70% reported telephone callers targeting these persons with dementia routinely. 76% of people reported problems managing their money, and not being helped by banks’ security procedures and their general lack of dementia awareness.

This thorough report covers all the bases; ranging from financial abuse, cold calling, scam mail, mis-selling, substitute decision-making requirements, abuse by family and friends, abuse by threats to withdraw care and support, rogue traders, nuisance telephone cold calling, postal scams and competitions, stranger abuse, abuse by care workers and care homes, and problems not helped by financial organisations and the banking system.

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Chandaria, K. Alzheimer’s Society (2011). Short changed: protecting people with dementia from financial abuse. London: Alzheimer’s Society, 2011. Executive Summary.

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