Concordat Between the Department of Health and Telehealth and Telecare Industry (Department of Health)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 7, February 2012].


Paul Burstow, Minister for Care Services, has confirmed the Department of Health‘s commitment to telehealth and telecare. This “”Concordat” (agreement of understanding) has been launched between the Department and the telehealth and telecare industry, which supports 3millionlives and its aim to enhance the lives of three million people over 5 years by accelerating the roll-out of telehealth and telecare in the NHS and social care. This concordat outlines the framework for implementing telehealth and telecare in healthcare in England.

The government, the NHS and the industry wish to work together to overcome the barriers to developing services for the benefit of millions of people. There should be fewer unplanned admissions to hospitals and care homes, and easier / swifter discharge from hospitals, if these plans work as intended.

Read more: Roll-out of telehealth and telecare to benefit three million lives | Department of Health.

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Becca, M. and Department of Health (2012). A concordat between the Department of Health and the telehealth and telecare industry. London: Department of Health, January 19th 2012. (Gateway Reference No.17136).

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