Emergency Readmissions to Hospital: a Scoping Review Concerning their Prevention and Reduction (RAND Corporation)


It was proposed in The Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2012-13 that data on inappropriate emergency admission / re-admission rates should become a performance measure in national reporting.

The study examines the evidence and potential for use of “emergency readmissions within 28 days of discharge from hospital” as an indicator within the NHS Outcomes Framework, based on a rapid review of systematic reviews. It includes a synopsis of work in four countries designed to determine patterns of readmissions and to interpret those patterns.

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Nolte, E. Roland, M. [and] Guthrie, S. [et al]. Preventing emergency readmissions to hospital: a scoping review. Prepared for the UK Department of Health within the Policy Research Framework (PRP) project: an “on-call” facility for international healthcare comparisons. Cambridge: RAND Europe, 2012. Executive Summary.

Dementia-Related Reference

Camberg, LC. Smith, NE. [and] Beaudet, M. [et al] (1997). Discharge destination and repeat hospitalizations. Medical Care, 1997, Vol.35(8), pp.756-67.(Click here to view the  PubMed abstract).


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