Twenty “Must-Knows” on Health and Wellbeing (Local Government Improvement and Development Agency)


Councils impact on health in many ways; whether in terms of open space, housing, planning, social care, sport or other services. This web service aims to help people get to grips with issues of relevance to health services and the new health and wellbeing boards. Each topic is structured in four sections:

  1. Why is this important?
  2. The role of the local authority.
  3. Key tasks for elected Members.
  4. Useful links: where to find out more.

The 20 “must knows” cover the following areas:

1. Keeping up to date on developments.

2. Public health.

3. Health inequalities.

4. The health profile of your area and the wider determinants of health that impact on your population.

5. Mental health and wellbeing.

6. Evidence.

7. Commissioning of health and social care.

8. Commissioning of public health.

9. Outcomes.

10. Partnerships for health and wellbeing.

11. The role of social care in health and wellbeing.

12. Mainstreaming health and wellbeing across your council’s work.

13. The impact on health and wellbeing of the council as an employer.

14. Evaluation.

15. Performance management, regulation and inspection.

16. Involving citizens, service users and carers in health and wellbeing.

17. Scrutiny of health and wellbeing.

18. Safeguarding vulnerable people.

19. The role of your Director of Public Health.

20. Health and wellbeing boards.

The master contents page for this information resource is given below:

Full Text Link


Twenty “must-knows” on health and wellbeing (web pages). London: Local Government Improvement and Development Agency, 2012.

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