Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People Demands Overhaul of Elderly Care (BBC News)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 8, March 2012].


The Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People (set up by Age UK, the NHS Confederation and the Local Government Association) has released a draft report and recommendations for public consultation. The public consultation is open until Tuesday March 27th 2012.

The draft report sets out ten key recommendations for hospitals and a further ten key recommendations for care homes. The aim is to tackle the underlying causes of undignified and inadequate care. There are also broader recommendations for changes to the wider health and social care system.

Being compassionate should be as important as academic competence in the recruitment of staff to care for the elderly. The commission has defined 48 draft recommendations which cover making dignity a priority, staff training, staffing levels, encouraging staff at all levels to challenge bad practice and ensuring patronising and pejorative language, such as “bed blocker”, is not used. Click here to learn more about the full report.

Read more: BBC News: Overhaul in approach to elderly care ‘needed’.


Triggle, N. (2012). Overhaul in approach to elderly care ‘needed’. London: BBC Health News, February 29th 2012.

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