Dementia 2012: National Challenge (Alzheimer’s Society)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 2 Issue 9, April 2012].


This report presents the Alzheimer’s Society’s new evidence on the experiences of people with dementia; in particular the results of a survey into how well people are living with dementia in 2012 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The report also assembles existing evidence, statistics and policy statements from a range of sources.

“Dementia 2012: A national challenge” found that 61% of people diagnosed with dementia are left feeling lonely, 77% feel anxious or depressed and 44% have lost friends.  The findings from Dementia 2012 were based on a survey of 306 people with dementia (or carers on their behalf) and a YouGov poll of 2070 members of the UK public. Figures have been weighted to be representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

The Alzheimer’s Society wants a radical shift in how society treats people with dementia, so that they receive the support and respect they deserve.

Statistics show:

  • Three quarters of people in the UK feel that society is not geared up to deal with the many challenges posed by the dementia time-bomb.
  • 68% of people with dementia experienced a delay of longer than a year between noticing symptoms and getting a diagnosis. (Eight per cent had to wait five years or more).
  • 48% people with dementia consider themselves a burden to their families.
  • Only 12% of people with dementia feel they have a voice in their community.
  • Half of families feel their carer may not be getting all the support needed.
  • 46% of people with dementia don’t have full choice over the support services they might receive.
  • Only 26% of people with dementia have easy opportunities to meet and talk with other people similarly affected.
  • A third of people do not receive enough information about their condition. Approximately half do not receive enough information to plan for their future.
  • 82% of people with dementia feel there should be more funding for dementia research.

Prime Minister David Cameron, while speaking at the launch of Dementia 2012, issued the first ever Prime Ministerial “challenge on dementia” settng-out plans to increase dementia research, improve the quality of dementia care and increase awareness of the condition. As part of this challenge, the Alzheimer’s Society has taken-on a pioneering programme of work to make villages, towns and cities more dementia friendly.

Read more: People feel UK is unprepared for tackling dementia, says Alzheimer’s Society.

It is planned that these figures will be updated on an annual basis by the Alzheimer’s Society. Updated annual reports can thereby be produced to reflect how well people are living with dementia, in order to chart progress and help identify further opportunities for action.

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Lakey, L. Chandaria, K. [and] Quince, C. [et al] (2012). Dementia 2012: a national challenge. London: Alzheimer’s Society, 2012. xii, 64p. Executive Summary.

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