Enhancing the Healing Environment for People with Dementia (King’s Fund / Department of Health: Dementia)


The Department of Health has funded a range of King’s Fund projects on improving the physical environment for people with dementia in acute hospitals (and other acute settings). 

The King’s Fund now offer a two-day residential workshop, for clinical and estates staff, to pass-on their accumulated knowledge and skills on the delivery of cost-effective environmental improvements. These insights have been developed through their work with 23 NHS trusts participating in the King’s Fund’s Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) Programme.

“…inexpensive changes to the design and fabric of the care environment can have a considerable impact on the wellbeing of people with dementia. From the use of colour and symbols to help with way-finding, to the removal of shiny floors, to the personalisation of bed areas to aid memory, simple steps can have a profound effect on the patient’s wellbeing and the quality of their interaction with nursing and care staff”.

Participants in these workshops will:

  • Meet experts in the field of dementia care and design.
  • Meet frontline teams that have completed such refurbishments.
  • Discover the King’s Fund’s specially developed tools and techniques, already proven to support co-design principles.
  • Discover techniques for engaging patients, carers, and staff in future design projects and ward refurbishments.

Read more: Enhancing the Healing Environment for people with dementia (Dept. of Health: Dementia).

For more information on the workshops contact g.whall@kingsfund.org.uk.


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2 Responses to Enhancing the Healing Environment for People with Dementia (King’s Fund / Department of Health: Dementia)

  1. john says:

    Exellent idea. I also liked the virtual rooms that the University of Stirling have done.

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