Use of Personal Budgets Increases 40% (ADASS)


The number of people who use personal budgets allocated by councils in England to agree care and support plans is estimated to be 432,349 (an increase of almost 40% during 2011/2012), according to the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

According to Sarah Pickup, President of ADASS, the number of people supported in the community, as of March 31st 2012, was 818,700; representing a 7.7% fall on the previous year’s figure of 886,939. This change is interpreted by ADASS as reflecting the increased use of enablement and other services designed to reduce the need for ongoing support.

  • More than half of people supported by community services had personal budgets. 39% were aged 18 to 65 and 61% were aged over 65.
  • The number of carers in receipt of personal budgets increased by 15% to 51,191. Just under half of these were provided as one-off direct payments. Carers accounted for 85% of one-off payments in 2011-12.
  • More councils are delivering larger numbers of personal budgets, with 58.8% providing personal budgets to more than half of all people in receipt of community based services.

Read more: Personal budget survey.

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Gardam, J. and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (2012). Personal budgets survey March 2012: results. London: ADASS, June 2012. 2p.

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