Investment in Mental Health 2010/11 (Mental Health Strategies / Department of Health)


Two Mental Health Strategies / Department of Health reports present the results of a survey into investment in mental health services. The analysis compares investment in mental health services in England for 2011/12 with data going back to 2006/07. The two reports cover working age adults (aged 18-64) and older people (aged 65 and above) respectively.

  1. Working age adults survey report.
  2. Older adults survey report.

It is the latter report which is of interest here. Typical services include:

  • Home care, also known as domiciliary care or community support, which provides personal and domestic care to older people with mental health problems (including dementia), and their families.
  • Specialist day / resource centres which provide care for older people with moderate and severe needs who may need specific personal support with day-to-day activities.
  • Care homes making provision for older people with mental health problems, including people with a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Memory assessment services which aid the early detection and diagnosis of dementia, and provide early interventions to maximise quality of life and independent functioning.
  • Services for young people with dementia. Young onset dementia services offer a range of support and which might include: information and advice; day services; psychotherapeutic group support; networks; support for carers; respite care; and long-term care.

This list is not exhaustive. Other services, to mention but a few, include Assistive Technology and Telecare, Day Hospitals and Outreach Treatment Services, Sheltered Housing Schemes, Extra Care Housing and Liaison Psychiatry Services.

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Ingham, T. Mental Health Strategies (2012). Investment in mental health for older people: older adult report. London: Department of Health, July 2012. Ref: 1596-11.

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