Using Assistive Technology to Support People with Dementia (Housing LIN)

[A version of this item appears in: Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWHT), Volume 3 Issue 1, August 2012].


This Housing LIN review examines the many ways in which Assistive Technology (AT) can support people with dementia. 

This document looks at the current policy and practice in relation to use of assistive technology supporting people to live well with dementia, pointing-out that awareness of the products, devices and solutions is often sketchy and variable across the UK, resulting in there being almost a “postcode lottery” for the quality of AT solutions available to people with dementia.

This paper presents examples of innovation and the positive difference that AT can make when applied appropriately in different housing settings. Good practice case studies highlight the wide range of technology solutions available.

Content Overview

Topics included in this thorough review:

  1. Definitions and a brief summary of different types of AT.
  2. A review of policy initiatives and legislation which have attempted to encourage use of AT.
  3. Ethical considerations.
  4. Current practice by major housing providers.
  5. Good practice examples.
  6. Experiences of people with dementia.
  7. Further reading and online links.

Full Text Link


Idris, T. Bonner, S. [and] Porteus, J. [ed.] (2012). Assistive technology as a means of supporting people with dementia: a review. London: Housing LIN, July 2012.

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