Elements of Care for Patients with a Diagnosis of Dementia (York Health Economics Consortium)


This rapid review, dated 2009, examined systematic reviews, guidelines, primary studies and cost-effectiveness analyses for evidence concerning interventions for patients in acute care suffering from dementia.

This horizon scanning study was performed at the very early stages, and before the actual commencement, of the New Cross Hospital Dementia Project. A number of perspectives were identified as being of interest: the built and care environment, interpersonal communications, management of symptoms, approaches to care, factors which might impact on settings and processes, and patient-related outcome measures.

Then and Now?

It was concluded that (in 2009) research evidence for interventions for dementia / delirium in acute care was sparse. The majority of reviews, guidelines and primary studies retrieved were in residential care, nursing home care, the community setting, or in the home. It was not always possible to determine whether results could be easily transferred to acute hospitals. Despite the large literature about the non-acute dementia care, the evidence was weak; since most studies were descriptive and observational rather than experimental or evaluative.

UK guidance recommends liaison teams and multi-disciplinary approaches to care for people with dementia / delirium in the acute care setting, and fortunately since 2009 the evidence base for these has improved significantly.

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Glanville, J. Duffy, S. Cardow, T. (2009). Rapid review of evidence relating to elements of care for those with a diagnosis of dementia.York: York Health Economics Consortium, 2009.

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Eley, R. [and] Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health (2012). Guidance for commissioners of dementia services. Volume Two: Practical mental health commissioning. London: Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health, February 2012.

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Parsonage, M. and Fossey, M. (2011). Economic evaluation of a liaison psychiatry service. London: Centre for Mental Health, November 2011.

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