Royal British Legion Admiral Nursing Service (Guest Post: Lucy Chamberlain)


The following information has been supplied to promote local awareness of the Admiral Nursing Service. Ben Upton, the local lead nurse, and Lucy Chamberlain can be contacted at:

Admiral Nurse Service
The Royal British Legion
4th Floor Metropolitan House
1 Hagley Road
B16 8TG

Phone: 0121 456 9491
Fax: 0203 207 2353

The Royal British Legion Admiral Nursing Service is a community dementia nurse service which offers specialist support, information and advice for the carers of people with dementia. Admiral Nurses are mental health nurses specialising in dementia care. The service aims to help family carers gain the necessary skills, to assist with care for people with dementia and promote positive approaches in living well with dementia and improving quality of life. The service has been developed in partnership with Dementia UK, a national charity which promotes and develops Admiral Nurses.

To qualify for this service the carer or person with dementia would need to be a beneficiary of The Royal British Legion. The service is only available to those meeting the Legion’s eligibility criteria. In brief, this includes anyone who has served in the UK Armed Forces for at least seven days as a Regular or Reservist, their families and carers; this includes widows, widowers, cohabiting partners or civil partners.

The Royal British Legion Admiral Nurses will work in partnership with carers, families and people with dementia. The services they offer can include:

  • Skilled person-centred assessments of the needs of the carers, families and individuals with dementia.
  • Psychological Support to help understand and deal with feelings and emotions.
  • Relevant information that can easily be understood.
  • Helping carers to be able to express their views on the services they receive from providers of care and those who have a duty of care.
  • Clear guidance about how appropriate services and sources of support can be accessed in your local area.
  • Liaison with other professionals and organisations to ensure that families obtain coordinated support.
  • Helping carers to develop and improve skills in care giving.
  • Guidance on eligibility for other Legion support and services.
  • Referral to treatment and support services.
  • Therapeutic, educational and social support carer groups.
  • Practical advice.

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