Diabetes in Older Adults: US Consensus Report (ADA / Diabetes Care)


The American Diabetes Association (ADA)’s Consensus Development Conference on diabetes and older adults has resulted in the release of this consensus report. It covers:

  1. The epidemiology and pathogenesis of diabetes in older adults.
  2. The evidence on the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its common co-morbidities in older adults.
  3. Current guidelines on treatment of diabetes in older adults.
  4. Issues which need to be considered when individualising treatment recommendations for older adults.
  5. Consensus recommendations for the treatment of older adults with – or at risk of – diabetes.
  6. Gaps in the evidence base and how to address these.

Full Text Link


Kirkman, MS. Briscoe, VJ. [and] Clark, N. [et al] (2012). Diabetes in older adults. Diabetes Care, October 25th 2012, [Epub ahead of print]. (Click here to view the PubMed record).

[A brief reference to this item features in Dementia and Elderly Care: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWNHST), Volume 3 Issue 5, January 2013].

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