Hospital2Home Resource Pack for Housing and Care Integration (Housing LIN / Healthcare Today UK)

[A version of this item features in Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust), Volume 3 Issue 4, November 2012].


A resource pack has been developed to support cross-sector co-operation across housing, health and social care. The “Hospital2Home” resource pack highlights the beneficial role of housing in enabling older people and people with long-term conditions to lead an independent and healthy life. 

The “Hospital2Home” pack offers practical ideas which support an integrated approach across sectors and professions. It provides information to assist people working in health, housing, social care and the voluntary sector, and offers ideas to improve systems of support for older patients when they are discharged from hospital back to their own homes.

The “Hospital2Home” pack was produced by a Task and Finish group involving Care & Repair England, Chartered Institute of Housing, Housing Learning and Improvement Network, Royal College of Nursing, College of Occupational Therapists, British Geriatrics Society, ADASS, British Red Cross, Age UK, Foundations, the Local Government Association and the King’s Fund. It was supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department of Health. This joint initiative was inspired by recommendations made by the All Partly Parliamentary Group (Housing & Care for Older People) Inquiry into “Living Well at Home” in July 2011.

Read more: Cross sector ‘Hospital 2 Home’ resource launched. (Healthcare Today Uk).


Cross sector ‘Hospital 2 Home’ resource launched. Healthcare Today UK, News, October 26th 2012. (Online).

Hospital2Home Pack Components

The “Hospital2Home” Resource Pack comprises the following components:

Six “Essential Information” Leaflets:

  1. Senior hospital based professionals’ leaflet.
  2. Hospital based staff leaflet.
  3. Service commissioners’ leaflet.
  4. Community based occupational therapists and social workers leaflet.
  5. Agencies providing services to support safe hospital discharge leaflet.
  6. Sheltered and extra care housing providers’ leaflet.

Four Factsheets

  1. Services to support older people returning home from hospital.
  2. Options for older patients needing to move home.
  3. Health and housing links.
  4. Common elements and outcomes frameworks related to older people.

Two Checklists

  1. Questions for assessing patients’ housing circumstances.
  2. Integrated discharge process.

The Resource Pack was launched by Minister of Care Services Norman Lamb.

Full Text Link


McAllister, K. and Simpson, M. (2012). The Hospital 2 Home pack. London: New Realities Limited / Housing Learning & Improvement Network, October 2012.

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