Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework 2013/14 (Department of Health)


The Department of Health’s revised Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework for 2013/14 supersedes the 2012/13 framework. The updated framework includes new measures and has been re-aligned with the NHS Outcomes Framework 2013 – 2014 and the Public Health Outcomes Framework 2013 – 2016. It supports all aspects of the health and care system so that these may work together in a more integrated fashion. A key aim is to support people to live better for longer.

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (2013/14) has been co-produced by the Department of Health, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and the Local Government Association. There is more accountability on Councils, which are expected to adopt more responsibility for local priority setting and service improvements.

The Department has also published “Improving Health and Care: the Role of the Outcomes Frameworks” to accompany and explain the three outcomes frameworks. This clarifies in more detail how the frameworks work together to deliver the Department of Health’s vision for health and social care.

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Adult social care outcomes framework 2013-14. Leeds: Department of Health; Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, November 22nd 2012.

See also, the equality assessment:

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Adult social care outcomes framework [2013-14]. Equality Assessment. Leeds: Department of Health, November 20th 2012.

[A brief reference to this item features in Dementia and Elderly Care: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWNHST), Volume 3 Issue 5, January 2013].

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