City Bidding to Become One of UK’s First Dementia-Friendly Communities (Wolverhampton City Council)


Wolverhampton is striving to improve the lives of residents with dementia by working towards becoming one of the country’s first dementia-friendly communities.

The city is responding to Prime Minister David Cameron’s Dementia Challenge by creating a city where people with dementia are better understood and receive the help and support they need.

Read more: Wolverhampton City Council: City bidding to become UK’s first dementia-friendly community.

A conference, entitled “Creating Dementia Friendly Communities in Wolverhampton”, led by Wolverhampton City Council and the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies, took place in October at the Wolverhampton Science Park.

Read more: Wolverhampton City Council: Conference backs city’s bid to improve lives of people with dementia.

A further event, entitled “Wolverhampton: Dementia Friendly City” is planned for December 5th 2012, to be held at the Wolverhampton Science Park, and is expected / hoped to be attended by Angela Rippon (co-chair of the Dementia Friendly Communities Champion Group), the Mayor of Wolverhampton (Councillor Mrs Christine Mills) and other leaders from the local business community, the health and social care professions and local Government.

Groups in over 20 areas, including Wolverhampton, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Wakefield, Plymouth, Northamptonshire, York, Wokingham, Torbay, Salford, Falmouth, Hampshire, Tavistock, Thurrock, Crawley, Bracknell Forest, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Nottingham and Lincoln have so far committed to working towards becoming dementia friendly villages, towns and cities.

For further information on the December “Wolverhampton: Dementia Friendly City” Conference, see Day-long conference to drive forward city’s dementia-friendly bid.

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