Alternative Pathway Integrating Housing, Care and Support (National Housing Federation)

[A version of this item features in Dementia: the Latest Evidence, Volume 3 Issue 6, February 2013].


This National Housing Federation report, intended for the attention of local commissioners of health and social care, illustrates the advantages of integrated care, housing and support. Five services are used as examples of how local authorities, housing providers, GPs and acute trusts can work together to offer alternative care pathways which actually reduce the demand for other services whilst improving people’s quality of life and wellbeing.

“Joint working between housing, health and social care can: avoid or delay a move to residential care, reduce admittance to hospital and avoid readmissions, reduce the demand for assessment and treatment centres, prevent the need for domiciliary care, prevent health emergencies and reduce demands on A&E, and prevent mental health deterioration and overall deterioration in health and wellbeing. These case studies, which provide practical examples of bringing together housing, health and care, deliver savings of between £2,946 and £17,992 a year compared to less integrated pathways”. (p.3)

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Berrington, J. Heseltine, C. (2013). Providing an alternative pathway: the value of integrating housing, care and support. London: National Housing Federation, January 2013.

More on Housing Resulting in Better Health and Social Care for Older People (National Housing Federation)

A related earlier report, “On the Pulse: housing routes to better health outcomes for older people”, was published mid-2012 by the National Housing Federation with support from the Housing Learning and Improvement Network. On the Pulse includes six case studies covering support for patients with dementia, the use of telecare, home from hospital services, short-term intermediate housing and end of life care.

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Leng, G. (2012). On the pulse: how housing is critical to better health and social care for older people. London: National Housing Federation, June 2012.

See also an earlier 2011 report:

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Boyle, K. Clifford, L. [and] Pennington, J. [et al] (2011). Breaking the mould: re-visioning older people’s housing. London: National Housing Federation, February 2011.

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