Recent Elderly Mental Health Related Systematic Reviews (October – December 2012)

[A version of this collection appeared in Dementia and Elderly Care: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWNHST), Volume 3 Issue 5, January 2013].

Here are recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses on the subject of elderly mental health.

Antipsychotics / Psychosis

Steinberg, M. Lyketsos, CG. Atypical antipsychotic use in patients with dementia: managing safety concerns. The American Journal of Psychiatry. September 2012; 169(9): 900-6.

Richter, T. Meyer, G. Möhler, R. [et al]. Psychosocial interventions for reducing antipsychotic medication in care home residents. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Online). December 12th 2012; Issue 12: No.CD008634. Full Text Link.


Avena-Woods, C. Hilas, O. Antidepressant use in underweight older adults. The Consultant Pharmacist. December 2012; 27(12): 868-70.

Wilkinson, P. Izmeth, Z. Continuation and maintenance treatments for depression in older people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Online). November 14th 2012; Issue 11: No. CD006727. Full Text Link.

Sienaert P, Lambrichts L, Dols A, De Fruyt J. Evidence-based treatment strategies for treatment-resistant bipolar depression: a systematic review. Bipolar Disorders. November 27th 2012. [Epub ahead of print].

Aakhus, E. Flottorp, SA. Oxman, AD. Implementing evidence-based guidelines for managing depression in elderly patients: a Norwegian perspective. Epidemiology in Psychiatric Science. September 2012; 21(3): 237-40. Review. Full Text Link.

Büchtemann, D. Luppa, M. Bramesfeld, A. [et al]. Incidence of late-life depression: a systematic review. Journal of Affective Disorders. December 15th 2012; 142(1-3): 172-9.

Crabb, RM. Cavanagh, K. Proudfoot, J. [et al]. Is computerized cognitive-behavioural therapy a treatment option for depression in late-life? A systematic review. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. November 2012; 51(4): 459-64.

Mak, KK. Kong, WY. Mak, A. [et al]. Polymorphisms of the serotonin transporter gene and post-stroke depression: a meta-analysis. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. 2012 Dec 12. [Epub ahead of print]. Full Text Link.

Cardin, F. Ambrosio, F. Amodio, P. [et al]. Quality of life and depression in a cohort of female patients with chronic disease. BMC Surgery. November 15th 2012; 12 Supplement 1: S10. Full Text Link.

Vasudev, A. Macritchie, K. Rao, SK. [et al]. Tiagabine for acute affective episodes in bipolar disorder. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Online). December 12th 2012; Issue 12: No. CD004694. Full Text Link.

Valkanova, V. Ebmeier, KP. Vascular risk factors and depression in later life: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Biological Psychiatry. December 10th 2012. [Epub ahead of print].


Rucklidge, J.J. Kaplan, BJ. Broad-spectrum micronutrient formulas for the treatment of psychiatric symptoms: a systematic review. Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics. January 2013; 13(1): 49-73.

van den Brink AM, Gerritsen DL, Voshaar RC, Koopmans RT. Residents with mental-physical multimorbidity living in long-term care facilities: prevalence and characteristics. A systematic review. International Psychogeriatrics: IPA. December 4th 2012: 1-18. [Epub ahead of print]. Full Text Link.

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