Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease 2012 (Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation / Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences)


This Canadian guideline presents a broad and up-to-date synthesis of the latest evidence and best guidelines available internationally. The sources for the original recommendations (NICE: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, AAN: American Academy of Neurology, or EFNS: European Federation of Neurological Societies) are referenced against each Canadian recommendation. The main section headings in this comprehensive guideline comprise:

  1. Section 1: Communication.
  2. Section 2: Diagnosis and progression.
  3. Section 3: Treatment.
    1. Pharmacological therapy for motor symptoms in early Parkinson’s Disease.
    2. Pharmacological therapy for motor symptoms in later Parkinson’s Disease.
    3. Surgery.
    4. Other treatment options.
  4. Section 4: Non-motor features and their treatment.
    1. Mental health.
    2. Sleep disorders.
    3. Autonomic dysfunction.

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Grimes. D. Gordon, J. Snelgrove, B. [et al]; Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. July 2012; Vol.39(4), Supplement 4: pp.S1-30. (Click here to view the PubMed record).

[A version of this item features in Dementia: the Latest Evidence, Volume 3 Issue 6, February 2013].

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