Personal Health Budgets (RCGP / Department of Health)


Patients receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare in England are eligible for a personal health budget (PHB). All patients with continuing health needs will have the right to ask for a personal health budget by April 2014. Clinical Commissioning Groups will be able to offer personal health budgets (PHBs) more widely to patients.

This guide, from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), explains PHBs, which patients are eligible, and how to use PHBs effectively. It includes a FAQ section and a decision tree for quick reference.

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Personal health budgets: a guide for GPs. London: Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), January 2013.

Department of Health Report

An earlier Department of Health report indicated widespread support for the view that personal health budgets can result in improvements in health and wellbeing, with improved health outcomes and increased satisfaction levels. PHBs are believed to assist in self-confidence, reduced use of GP services and prescriptions and better relationships with health professionals.

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Davidson, J. Baxter, K. [and] Glendinning, C. [et al] (2012). Personal health budgets: experiences and outcomes for budget holders at nine months. Fifth interim report. London: Department of Health, June 2012. DH 2523.

2018 Update: Feedback on Personal Health Budgets (PHBs / IPBs)

NHS England commissioned Quality Health to run an independent survey to determine satisfaction with health budget (PHB). 89% of respondents said their personalised care and support plan reflected what mattered, 86% thought they had achieved what they wanted from their plan and 77% were inclined to recommend a PHB/IPB. Suggestions for improving the information provided to people interested in PHBs, and for speeding-up the application process, have been identified.

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Personal Health Budget and Integrated Personal Budget Survey 2018: Results Summary. Chesterfield: Quality Health, November 2018. NHS England Publications Gateway Reference No. 08594.

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