4 Responses to Dementia Support: Is Depression in the Elderly Linked to Dementia? (Guest Post: Jason Tucker, Organic Development)

  1. Gillian Parker says:

    How did the article deal with the possiblity of reverse causation?

    • Good point about the possibility of reverse causation. My NHS Athens account won’t give access to the full text of the original article on this occasion, so it is not possible to determine how thoroughly the authors of the article explored this possibility.

      Thank you very much for responding. There are far too few incisive comments oriented to “critical appraisals” of the items listed on this site. Please feel free to return often with your contributions to stimulating a higher level of debate. Spice things up a bit!

      • Gillian Parker says:

        Thanks for getting back to me about this and for the additional information.

        I’ll keep my eyes open for places where we might stimulate debate.

        ps I loved the NHS digitisation ‘alternative’ post last week – it made me howl with laughter!

    • In support of your question, the abstract does indicate that:

      “The association of depression with prevalent MCI and with progression from MCI to dementia, but not with incident MCI, suggests that depression accompanies cognitive impairment but does not precede it”.


      Richard, E. Reitz, C. [and] Honig, LH. [et al]. (2013). Late-life depression, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. Archives of Neurology, December 31st 2013, Epub ahead of print, pp.1-7.

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