Social Demographics and Hospice Care Planning in the UK (Help the Hospices)


The Help the Hospices Commission into the Future of Hospice Care aims to supply strategic direction for hospices for the next 10 to 20 years. The Commission into the Future of Hospice Care and Cicely Saunders International have published their “Current and future needs of hospice care” report about the factors involved in hospice care planning for the UK.

This report examines hospice care-related factors, including UK mortality and epidemiological data such as the prevalence of dementia and cancer. There is a discussion about a presumed under-reporting of dementia-related mortality rates in the official statistics.

UK death rates are predicted to escalate from 2015 onwards, especially for older people who are more likely to suffer from long-term debilitating conditions. The report also investigates evidence about preferences for place of care and place of death in the UK; what is known about the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of hospice care; and “gaps” in the evidence, including uncertainties about which models of hospice care work well.

Evidence-based recommendations for hospice care planning are supplied.

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Calanzani, N. Higginson, IJ. [and] Gomes, B. (2013). Current and future needs for hospice care: an evidence-based report. London: Help the Hospices, January 2013. 48p.

Hospices play a greater role in end-of-life care in hospitals and in people’s homes:

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Triggle, N. (2014). NHS ‘should work more closely with hospices’. London: BBC Health News, July 23rd 2014.

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