Caffeine Pills Improve Long-Term Memory Consolidation (BBC News / Nature Neuroscience)


Research published in Nature Neuroscience indicates that taking caffeine tablets following study can improve subsequent performance on memory tests, in healthy adults.

Read more: BBC News. Caffeine pill could boost memory.


Caffeine pill ‘could boost memory’. London: BBC Health News, January 12th 2014.

See also:

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Coffee may aid aspects of memory, study finds. London: NHS Choices Behind the Headlines, January 13th 2014.

This relates to:

Full Text Link  (Note: This article requires a suitable Athens password, a journal subscription or payment for access).


Borota, D. Murray, E. [and] Keceli, G. [et al] (2014). Post-study caffeine administration enhances memory consolidation in humans. Nature Neuroscience, January 12th 2014. [Epub ahead of print].

Smart Drugs: Growing Concerns?

Possibly related, a recent BBC Radio 1 News piece covers a growing trend in “smart drug” misuse. It is reported that students increasingly take brain-enhancing medications to stay awake for longer and boost their concentration.

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Kelsey, R. (2014). More students using ‘smart drugs’ say health advisers. London: BBC Health News / BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, May 8th 2014.

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