Segmenting Life Expectancy Inequalities by Cause of Death (PHE / LHO)


The Public Health England (PHE) segment tool has been developed to help local authorities identify the causes of death which contribute most to the life expectancy gaps in their areas. The aim is to be able to better target interventions appropriately.

The charts and tables supplied are based on data from January 2009 to December 2011. The Segment Tool is provided in an Excel workbook including macros, which can be downloaded.

A summary report is available for each upper tier local authority.

Read more: LHO: The Segment Tool.


The Segment Tool: segmenting life expectancy gaps by cause of death. London: Public Health England (PHE) / London Knowledge and Intelligence Team, January 24th 2014.

See also:

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New tool shows causes of death that most contribute to differences in life expectancy. London: Public Health England, January 24th 2014.

Possibly of interest, indirectly, from the personal financial planning angle:

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Pensioners could get life expectancy guidance. London: BBC News Politics, April 17th 2014.

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