Information Resources on the Links Between Housing and Dementia (Housing LIN)


The Housing Learning and Improvement Network produces and updates several sets (or showcases) of information resources about the potential roles of housing in helping people to live well with dementia.

“Research suggests that as many as 30% of residents in extra care housing have mental health problems, most notably dementia (source: Enhanced Opportunities Programme). However, housing and housing-related services can make the difference between a person with dementia continuing to live independently or moving to a care home”.

Selected resources are obtainable via the following topic headings:

  1. Recollections: personal stories and experiences of people with dementia and their carers
  2. Commissioning: information to assist with service commissioning and strategic planning. (Updated January 2014).
  3. Provision: case studies and examples of good practice.
  4. Design and the Environment: information about design and dementia-friendly environments. This includes housing adaptations. (Updated January 2014).
  5. Dementia Friendly Communities: good practice examples and suggestions about making changes involving the wider community. (Updated March 2014).
  6. Practice, Workforce and Training: advice and information aimed at improving practice for front-line staff and managers.
  7. Legislation and Regulation: background information on the Mental Capacity Act and other legislation relating to housing and dementia.
  8. Dementia Action Alliance (DAA): how to join the Dementia Action Alliance, and information about the alliance. (Updated January 2014).
  9. Useful Links: links to other websites with information about dementia.

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In focus: innovations in housing and dementia. London [Online]: Housing Learning and Improvement Network, January 2014 [Updated February 2014].

About Dementia and Elderly Care News

Dementia and Elderly Care News. Wolverhampton Medical Institute: WMI. (jh)
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