QualityWatch Programme: Reduced Adult Social Services for Older People in England (Health Foundation / Nuffield Trust)


This report from the Health Foundation and Nuffield Trust explores the size and scope of cuts to social services for older people in England between 2009/10 to 2012/13. Many local authorities are rationing social care for the over-65s, with significant reductions in the number of people receiving services.

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Ismail, S. Thorlby, R. and] Holder, H. (2014). Focus On: Social care for older people. Reductions in adult social services for older people in England. London: The Health Foundation / Nuffield Trust, March 2014.

The contents list comprises:

  • Introduction
    • What is social care?
    • The challenge of monitoring the impact of changes in social care funding.
    • Structure of this report.
  • Context: social care provision before 2010.
    • The growing demand for social care.
    • Who meets these needs?
    • Unmet need.
    • Trends in informal care before 2010.
    • What is publicly funded care and who gets it?
    • Summary
  • Impact of budget cuts on spending on adult social services from 2010.
    • Local government: reductions in overall income.
    • How have local authorities responded to funding reductions?
    • Implementing cuts within adult social care budgets.
    • Spending on adult social care services since 2010.
  • Impact of budget cuts on access to and volume of adult social services.
    • Changes in eligibility for publicly funded social care.
    • Declining numbers of recipients of publicly funded social care.
    • Waiting times.
    • Contact time.
    • Identifying potential indicators of quality: data deficits and ways ahead.
  • Impact of budget cuts on outcomes: wellbeing and health services.
    • Information collection on outcomes from social care for older adults.
    • Perceptions of quality of life.
    • Impact on health services.
    • Impact on the quality of social care services: residential and nursing homes.
  • Conclusion.
  • References and data sources.
  • Appendix: Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) framework to assess eligibility for need.

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